About the Team


The rubber duckies are placeholders for member photos which will be updated in coming weeks. Some members are not comfortable having personal information displayed visibly, and they will continue to be represented by a duckie.

Connor Strang | cstrang1@umbc.edu

Team Lead, Mechanical Lead

Connor as Duck

Kevin Wegner | wegner1@umbc.edu

Mechanical Team

Kevin as Duck

Adam Grosse | a205@umbc.edu

Software Lead

Adam as Duck

Brandon Guerrero | bguerre1@umbc.edu

Software Team

Brandon as Duck

Logan Courtwright | lcourt1@umbc.edu

Software Team

Logan as Duck

Igor Savchenko | isa5@umbc.edu

Public Relations

Igor as Duck

Daniel Lee | danlee1@umbc.edu

Web Developer

Daniel as Duck

All duck images from duck-shop.co.uk